2023 NACS Annual Convention Presentations & Speakers

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Beyond Everest - Achieving you Ultimate Summit | June 2023
Presented by Wendy Gustin-Brauneis

Session Description: 
Wendy Gustin-Brauneis and her husband are East Coasters who made their way West in search of adventure that only the Rockies can offer. The road that led to their current lifestyle was cobbled, not paved… each with a diverse marketing portfolio to include positions such as Creative Director, VP of Sales, Filmmaker, Marketing Director and Commercial Photographer. Gustin-Braunis will discuss her journey from East Coast City Slicker to one of the few females who have successfully summitted Mt. Everest.

Wendy Gustin-Brauneis is a Professional Coach, Public Speaker, Business owner, and Mountaineer. She became the 465th female to achieve the ultimate summit, Mt. Everest in 2017, fulfilling a dream 10+ years in the making. In her quest for the top of the world, Wendy also summited the highest points in North America (Denali) South America (Aconcagua) Africa (Kilimanjaro). Her “summit list” also includes several peaks and volcanos in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, the continental US and Canada.
Throughout Wendy’s professional career, she established similar goals and strategies in order to achieve them. She has a strong belief in embracing lessons along the way; learning from the wins and loses to help improve performance to advance in life. Her coaching philosophy, The Summit Dance, is the platform she uses to help others transform their lives. In addition, Wendy owns and operates a marketing company (River Summit Group) and outdoor adventure business (River Summit Outfitters).
She has established mid-life bliss, peace of mind and a spirited outlook…simply by not being afraid to forge her own path. The road that lead to her current lifestyle was cobbled, not paved…In the past Wendy worked in a diverse portfolio of industries and held various job titles, the most recent as VP of Sales and Operations for an international tech company. Each a rich learning experience and stepping stone, catapulting her to the next destination. Wendy’s philosophy is simple…If you keep your eye on the “summit” and maintain focus, you will arrive safety at any destination. You cannot fail to reach your goals if you plan, prepare and always believe in yourself, regardless of the obstacles.

Marketing to and Understand a Diverse Demographic | June 21, 2023 10:00 - 11:00 am
Presented by Jil Littlejohn Bostick, Winnebago Industries

Session Description:
Diversity marketing is a marketing practice that involves recognizing different subgroups in your target audiences and being informed about different cultural and societal changes in your community and customers and how you can reach them all. Bostick will help you understand how diversity marketing sets the goals and intentions for the rest of your marketing campaigns.

Jil Littlejohn Bostick currently serves as Vice President, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Winnebago Industries. She is an influential, bilingual DEI leader with 20+ years of experience in growing a diverse and inclusive workforce. She has a proven record in translating best practices in DEI into readily consumable resources and programs aligned to business needs. She is committed to inspiring people to drive effective teamwork, communication, collaboration, and commitment across multiple groups with competing priorities. She is a graduate of Wofford College (BA) and Webster University (MBA). 


Inside the Iowa State Fair | June 21, 2023 2:15 - 3:30 pm 
Presented By Mindy Williamson, Iowa State Fair

Session Description:
The Iowa State Fair is the largest event in Iowa and has a long history, but those 168 plus years haven’t always been easy. Join Mindy as she takes a look back at what worked in the past, the changing event landscape and what is taking them to the next level of success. From the very best in entertainment, music, competition, games, rides, food-on-a-stick and an iconic 600 pound cow made of butter, get the behind the scenes look at how an event with 1.1 million people comes together for 11 days each August.

Although the 2015 Iowa State Fair was her first Fair as Marketing Director, Mindy Williamson has a long history with the Iowa State Fair including being a Bill Riley Talent Show participant, State Fair 4-H exhibitor, Ag Education Booth Exhibitor, and Sponsor not to mention the many corn dogs, peppermint ice cream bars, and lemonades she has sampled. Mindy has a background in non-profit and government communications and policy, as well as event planning, advertising and marketing. Some of her most successful events include the Iowa Corn Indy 250 and the Cy-Hawk Series in addition to the Iowa State Fair. She has her certification in volunteer management and is a graduate of the Institute of Fair Management.

Generational Marketing - How to Reach the Gen Z | June 22, 2023 9:00 - 10:00 am
Presented By Chuck Underwood, Founder, Genimperative

Session Description: 
A presenter at NACS 15 years ago, Chuck Underwood returns to our convention to provide us with a time warp of information as new generations look for different things, especially after a pandemic. Highly regarded around the country, Underwood is known for his funny, thought provoking and enjoyable presentations on generational marketing.

Chuck Underwood is one of the pioneers who created, developed, and popularized the field of generational study. He is the founder/principal of “TGI” – The Generational Imperative, Inc. – an Ohio-based generational consulting firm. He consults and trains corporations and organizations in Generational Workplace Strategy and Generational Marketplace Strategy. His comprehensive book on generational business strategy is available online at www.genimperatve.com and at www.amazon.com and it can be ordered at most bookstores. It is entitled : America’s Generations: In the Workplace, Marketplace and Living Room.
He is also the host of the television series America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood , on PBS.